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Why Do This?

You may wonder, "Why would I put everything out there on this blog for everyone to see?"  Well, to put it simply, but it's not a real simple answer--I know God's got my back.  It may have taken 23 years for me to get here, but I know my identity in Christ.  I know He only wants the best for me, and I want the best for everyone out there who is coping with depression.  I know what a deep dark pit feels like.  I know what it's like to wonder if you'll ever get out of that pit and start to live a 'normal' life again--whatever that may look like to you.

I used to walk in fear in this area--with people knowing about my depression.  But one huge lesson I learned many years ago when I was going through a living hell was that I knew God wanted to use it for good for other people.  He didn't want me to lose hope because He gave me hope.  I want other people with depression to know His hope is there--waiting for you to reach out and grab it--trusting the Lord with your life, your mental stability, your relationships, your finances, etc.--just like anything else in your life you've trusted Him with.  Even though you're a Christian, you may not tap into the source of hope as much as you think you would.  It seems to depend on the situation we're in at the time.  I mean it sounds like something Christians should already know.  Yes....but I didn't know that deeper level of hope, until I was desperate for it.

He cares so very deeply for you--more than you or I can comprehend.  I knew years ago that God gave my husband and I the gift of our daughter.  We prayed for this precious girl so much and many people prayed for us.  Why would a loving father give me and my husband the precious gift of a child and then make her mother incapable of taking care of her the rest of her life?  It doesn't make sense.  I knew God saw everything that I was going through, knew all my thoughts and feelings.  Yet He was the only one there for me, I felt at the time.  He completely understood.  He was a man on this Earth--wholely a man.  He knew what it was to feel sadness, deep sadness.  God set things into motion right away to help me.  If you read my depression story then you know God sent a Christian psychiatrist my way to assure me (and I knew he prayed for his patients), Christian social workers to talk with me, counselors helping to teach me different tools to use in my thinking and recognizing simply what I thought about in any given moment.  Learning about triggers and boundaries and setting them for myself.

If you are a Christian, then you have experienced valleys and mountaintops.  There is no way to avoid it in this life.  You have God to walk with you through it.  You may have already been through a life crisis and wonder, "Why?!"  "Why are you making me go down this road?!"  Your road may actually be going up.  There is so much we don't know while here on Earth that will be revealed once we get to heaven.  That is why not EVERYTHING can be explained away.  God may want you to use your experience to help others in the future who go through the same thing.  God gives us an innate desire to have relationships with other people--friends, spouses, work relationships, etc.  Part of having relationships is sharing in their trials, hopes, dreams, happiness, hopelessness.  Having a teachable spirit is one that listens and learns.  Be open to God using you--have that teachable spirit we all need and watch God open doors.