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I am a blessed 48-year old born-again--and under God's grace since January 1993 when I accepted Jesus as my Savior--woman who has a heart for those who suffer with depression.  I am married to an awesome man God sent my way 20 years ago and am also the mother of a wonderful teen daughter--also a precious gift.  We have 4 furry babies--3 cats: Lily, Dewey and Hopper and a yellow lab named Bear.  I was born and raised in Mississippi, but have lived in Missouri since 1990.

I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and OCD in April 1999.  My depression was the most severe from that time through 2006 which resulted in hospitalization 6 times during those years.  I continue to be treated under the care of a wonderful doctor.  Back in the early 2000's, I started a web site called 'There Is OCD Hope' which was about my new-found difficult journey with depression and OCD as a ChristianAfter about 5-6 years, I closed the web site.  That web site was more dedicated to the general public and I was able to meet several people through it who needed encouragement and someone to relate to.  Recently, I have felt the need to start this blog putting the focus on the born-again Christian audience to start and continue the dialogue about depression in the church and the stigma that still exists.  Years ago when I was diagnosed, it was a topic that was not discussed like it is today.  So the stigma I felt was more pronounced in my mind, especially knowing who to trust with this information.  Today, mental illness is talked about more than ever and people are being educated.  But the stigma still exists.  And it exists in the church.

My family and I reside in mid-Missouri, recently moving back from another Missouri town not too far away.  My hope is that God's hope will fill you when you have those down-in-the-pit days.  I've been there.  Have a look around at the blog.  And, please contact me with any questions or comments.  God Bless!