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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week of April 3-7: Throwback Thursday-The Danger of Cliques

Most people know what a clique is, but maybe not by that name. Dictionary.com defines it as an "exclusive group of people." I have always thought 'clique' was a dirty word--a negative connotation. Why? Because cliques shut out people that are different than what the clique represents--be that a certain 'look' someone has, the way they think or believe in something. It's easy to look back on high school and remember different cliques. They are rampant in that kind of setting. Stereotypes and cliques kind of run together in the high school setting.

I have seen cliques in church settings too. It's disappointing to see because you don't expect to see it at church. Everyone is supposed to be all-welcoming and all-accepting, but in some places it's just not that way. Most of the time, cliques are formed among females. I think women struggle more with social etiquette, such as gossip in the church than perhaps men do. I've seen where small groups of ladies stick to each other and don't allow anyone else to penetrate the friendships that are in place in a group. And I think that probably sometimes this is done without even realizing a clique is being formed or has formed. You get a group of people with same or similar interests that are always around each other, do things only with each other, only talk to each other, hang out together and don't mingle with anyone else. And then voila, you might have a clique going on. From the outside it is noticeable to other people and looks unwelcoming to an outsider coming to visit a church. It's a turn-off. The Body of Christ needs to be free of this type of secular-centered likeness.

The church needs to be welcoming of all types of people, even ones that people might consider hard to love. But love has to be the foundation of the church. That's what it was built on--love. Pray for people in your church who are caught up in a clique type group, maybe speak to one of them in love after praying about it. It's very easy for people to become very myopic and not see what others see. As believers, let us help each other to see better where the path lays and when we get off-course. God Bless!