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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week of March 6-10: Warrior Wednesday-Smash The Boxes

Do you color outside the lines? It's okay if you do. There are no rules about coloring outside the lines? We impose rules upon ourselves--or maybe it starts in pre-school or kindergarten when we're given a picture and told to color it. At first, very young children cannot color within the lines because the motor skills are not there. Then as they get older, you see this change and they WANT to stay within the lines. Because it just doesn't feel or look right when it's colored outside the box. Those of us with OCD might agree with that!

Our walk with God can look something like this if we think of it in terms of boxes. People can keep God in a box or let Him out where He belongs. The problem with putting God in a box is that your walk becomes legalistic and a big set of rules. God is so much bigger than the biggest box you could make in the world. You couldn't fit Him into a box! His power and what He can do is so beyond our comprehension in our finite minds that words cannot literally explain it. You start to lose a grip of the extensiveness of God's power and magnitude when you try to confine Him to a nice little space. And you lose out of experiencing a deeper walk with Him as a result. Does that scare you? Going deeper with God? Fear of the unknown is often scary to people. If you know God, but only at a certain level--and know his goodness--going deeper with Him can only bring a deeper understanding and breadth of knowledge of that goodness and love.

People who decide to become artists are told early in their career, perhaps in high school to think outside the box--unlike how they learned as young children. But for an artist, it's imperative to think outside a make believe box to expand their imagination and thought processes. 

Your walk is much more important in your life. Don't limit yourself or God on your journey. As He tells us in His Word, nothing is impossible with God.