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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Week of March 20-24: Warrior Wednesday-What Are You Hiding?

Are you mentally exhausted with how much you fight with yourself? What am I talking about? Are you trying to live with your mental issues without getting help? Are you afraid to seek help for fear someone will find out that you have depression? I mean people think you have it all together, but what if they find out otherwise? Will you lose your friends? Will you be treated differently? What are you hiding?

If these are questions that you ask yourself then it's time. It's time my friend, my fellow believer to step forward on your own behalf, being your own advocate to get what you need. The Lord shared this with me recently and spoke to something in my life:

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power, of love and of self-disclipline." (2nd Timothy 1:7, NIV).

You may need to read that again. We are not meant to be timid in any way, shape or form, including your mental health. Don't be knocked down by those voices you play in your head--maybe people have said hurtful things or maybe this (I've experienced this one)--you've heard other Christians say things when the subject of people with mental issues comes up--and it's not a good thing. So, you don't want to be grouped with THOSE people because then they may talk about YOU that way. Ignorance is blatant folks from people who usually fear the unknown. That's our nature. I was one of those people a long time ago. I was always afraid of going crazy because of depressive episodes that started when I was 13. I'm not 'crazy' but I have mental health issues that are treated. I take medication. I have a psychiatrist. AND I AM A CHRISTIAN. Is that an oxymoron, cause those things don't sound like they go together?!

Do you care more about what people think or what God thinks? If you had to choose? Who are you trying to please while living in this world? Who will be with you to the very ends of the Earth? You have your answer.

These are tough questions, but they are meant to be. We have to ask ourselves tough questions sometimes that are not pleasant. But if it gets you to surrender your mental health to God instead of caring what people will think of you--then praise Jesus! He wants good for you and that means your emotional goodness too! He gave us feelings and emotions. He doesn't want our emotions to suffer when they can be treated by the hands of people He puts in our path. Accept it and move forward to emotional stability.