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Friday, March 24, 2017

Week of March 20-24: Forward Friday-Spring Forward

Spring brings newness to life in so many ways that I really appreciate. The obvious ones like green grass peaking through the brown grass, the perennial flowering trees finally blooming and just being able to get out into warmer weather--at least a little warmer. Spring is an opportunity to come out from the shadows of Winter, to uncurl into the light, to see splashes of color. And so it's also a great time to do all kinds of activity. Getting out and moving and doing will improve your mental health. Winter can be a very depressing time for many people, but once again we can be one with nature and the great outdoors.

My family likes to hike and walk on trails. I started a new tradition of taking a rock from every hike we go on and writing the name of the place and date of where we went. I plan to have a treasure trove of rocks in the house. Is there something you or your family likes to do as a tradition. Make it extra special by adding a new tradition with it that will help you remember those times.

Do some research in your area of places to go walking or running just to get out of the house. Or if that's not your thing, go to a coffee shop and take your Bible study homework with you. I've done that before. Or if you can't concentrate that way then go to the library. I grew up going on many summer vacations and we always went to museums--there was always some educational aspect to the trips we went on. That instilled in me a love for museums and to keep learning. Maybe there's something you always wanted to learn about or learn how to do--go out and do it. Take the initiative and put yourself out there.

What else comes to mind when you think of going outdoors? Cooking outdoors! Woo-hoo for grilled steak and hamburgers. My husband was formally trained in the culinary arts so we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor :-) And those cookouts with your family, church family and friends. You can't beat that. That's awesome fellowship folks! So get out there this weekend and make some traditions that will last for years and then you can blog about it someday ;-) God Bless, Y'all