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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week of March 13-17:Throwback Thursday-When Things Don't Go As Expected

I remember when I had gone through the first shock-to-my-system of going to a behavioral hospital for the first time. I believe I was there for 2 weeks. When I was going to be going home I went thinking, "Okay, they've got me on meds, I've had counseling, I should be good to go." I was home only a week before my symptoms came back and I headed back to the same hospital. I was so angry. I was angry at the doctors for not fixing me the first time, angry at myself for it happening a second time, angry I was having to take time out of my life and not able to care for my newborn baby. I was also embarrassed to have to go back again. I cried most of the time during my first admittance. And cried more during the second. The social workers, my doctor and staff were very supportive and understanding and many of them were Christians. 

I went through a lot of humility. When you are somewhere you don't want to be and have to be helped and lean on people to help you, you are vulnerable. I felt vulnerable so many times. As I have said in my bio--I was in and out of hospitals 6 times over a period of about 6 years. The last time I was in a behavioral hospital or psychiatric ward of a hospital was in 2006.

Having mental illness means we have to be led to places we don't usually want to go. But, if it's a safe, good environment then look at it like as what it only is--a temporary place to help you get better so you can take care of yourself when you go home, to get your medicine leveled out so all your meds work properly together. God can use these times. Don't take the solitude as punishment. Take your Bible, pray, focus on your care and getting better, talk with other patients (that was always a comfort to me because someone else understood what it felt like).

God will get you through this just like He's gotten you through other challenging times in your life. Just keep your eyes on Him and He will show you the way.