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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week of February 27-March 3: Throwback Thursday-Does Pride Get In Your Way?

Pride can get us into all kinds of trouble if we give it the attention it doesn't deserve. Proverbs 16: 18 tells us, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." (NIV). We have all had a problem with the spirit of pride at some time or another. It is just human. But, we as Christians, have to make sure our pride doesn't overcome us and lead us into many situations that would be unwise for us. There are so many examples in this world of how pride has been the downfall of man. Just in our daily lives that spirit of pride can get a foothold in our walk with Christ and cause all kinds of mayhem. Can you think of things in your life where pride has slipped in--where you may not have even noticed? That's how pride works. What is the motive of our heart about a situation? God looks at the attitude of our heart.

Here is another example of how pride slips into our lives. As someone who deals with depression or some other mental issue--do you allow others to help you when you can't help yourself, when you need someone else's help? Or are you afraid to show what you might consider weakness to others? Would you allow yourself to get so depressed, perhaps to the point of considering suicide because you didn't want anyone to think what you've been telling yourself--that you're weak? I have been in those shoes so many times. I just wanted to feel better, get better so I could take care of my family. But I had to make the move and say the code words my husband understood which were, "I'm having a hard time." He knew when I said those words that it was time to take action--to call the doctor or get me to the hospital. If you have trouble saying certain things at your worst time mentally, then consider working out 'code words' with a friend or loved one so they know it's time to get serious and take action for you. God doesn't want you sitting there in the muck of depression and letting it get worse. Don't let pride keep you from getting help you need. You are much loved by the Most High King and you are his son or daughter. Accept the help others offer in your life and do them a favor--make it easy for them.