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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Week of February 13-17: Warrior Wednesday

A warrior is a soldier, a fighting one engaging in a war of some kind. Do you feel like a warrior fighting in a war? You should. That's how life is like on this side of heaven. And that's how life is in the spiritual realm we can't even see. It can feel like you're in several different wars or battles at once. We can feel like we are fighting the enemy, the devil. He likes to mess things up, doesn't he? Do you feel like you fighting battles at work? Maybe at home. Home should be a place of peace and rest, but I also realize that's not reality for some people, sadly. In some countries, you would be persecuted for being a Christian and your life and family's lives threatened. It's difficult to relate to when you live in the United States like me.

A warrior will fight for what he/she believes is the truth. Ephesians tells us about the armor of God. Metaphorically, we can apply that to our lives. God doesn't want us to give up on walking with Him. He wants us to keep our eyes on the prize. We all go through valleys where we feel distant from God. He has not moved; we do. God will give you the strength to keep up the good fight. No matter what you are battling, all things, not just some, but all things are possible with God.