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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Format For Blog

In my effort to connect with you all more frequently without writing a long blog all the time--I have developed a new format for this blog. You will still get one of those hopefully helpful long blog entries here and there each month, but now you will hear from me daily. Here's the format I will be following so you will know what the changes will be:

Monday-New Morning Mondays-something fresh and encouraging for the week

Tuesday-Truth Tuesdays-a truth from the Bible

Wednesday-Warrior Wednesdays-standing strong in your faith as a believer with depression

Thursday-Throwback Thursdays-something I learned from my past as a Christian with depression

Friday-Forward Fridays-what to focus on for your future as you walk with Christ as a believer with depression

Saturday-left open for the occasional monthly long entry blog

This will start next Monday, February 13, 2017. I appreciate you coming by and taking a look at this blog and my hope is that it has helped someone with depression who is struggling. Now you know someone who is a Christian AND has depression and keeps going with God's help.