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Monday, June 20, 2016

It's Me Again

Hello to everyone out there in cyberspace who may have been wondering why I have not posted anything for a long time.  Well, we have moved back to where we lived before in another town, but still in mid-Missouri.  I hate the stress of moving---the packing of boxes, trying to stay organized, the clutter that ensues because boxes are sitting everywhere.  And the same thing when you reach your destination---the thoughts of, "Where did all this stuff come from?" and, "Where am I going to put it all?"  I bet you can relate.  

We have too much 'stuff' in our lives sometimes and it can get overwhelming to deal with all at once.  That's where I was mentally--feeling overwhelmed by everything.  So, I did not feel moved, no pun intended :0) to write on this blog.  I apologize if you thought I would never return or that this site was helping you and you felt perhaps abandoned by needing someone who can relate to mental disorders AND is a Christian to leave all of a sudden when I was writing pretty regularly.  I did not create this blog to be a fly-by-night temporary 'hello' to the world.  I created it because I felt strongly led to do it and have had that same sense in me recently now that my life has calmed down a little more.

I want to hear more from you guys on what things you are dealing with in your lives.  I understand if you are afraid your identity might be found out and possibly know what church affiliation you have.  But, as I have said before, do not let fear rule your life.  It's a bondage the enemy can use over you and have a foothold in your life--keeping you feeling knocked down.  You have God's strength to get you through anything in life--and He does NOT bring fear into our lives.  It is just not his character.  It's not.  My family hears this often from me when things get hectic and we sense that hovering cloud above our heads.  Things just happen in life, in this world, we have no control over.  And fear can creep in like a mouse.  We are not dealing with flesh and blood, but with a real spiritual warfare inside a realm we cannot see.  It is as real as you and I.  God is fighting for us, along with His angels, I believe on a constant basis.  That should bring you comfort.  And we know who will win in the end.  Right?

I will start discussing more subject matter related to what we, as Christians with depression deal with, possibly on a daily basis.  So, stay with me on this ongoing journey.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.