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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Do What You Enjoy!

Spring is springing into action!  We can literally see it unfold before our eyes this time of year--maybe not all of you yet, depending on where you live.  This is a perfect time to get out of your house and DO something.  This will get your endorphins pumping and jumping for joy!  Take advantage of what is around you--parks, city/town events come to life this time of year and through the summer, sports activities, camping, reading, take a trip to your library, but go somewhere new to read--maybe a local coffee shop or a bench on the banks of a river.  There's so much out there to get you out of the doldrums of life. 
The point is to get out and go somewhere and do something YOU ENJOY!  It doesn't have to be kayaking or canoeing.  It can be just taking a walk.  Physical exercise is mental exercise so are non-physical activities.  It will seriously elevate your mood if you're down--not doing too well.  Do NOT isolate yourself.  The enemy would love for you to do that!  And love for you to tell yourself negative stuff all day long--to further worsen your depression.

One of the simple activities I enjoyed as part of my routine schedule at the first couple of places I stayed during my earlier depression episodes was occupational therapy.  I remember the group of us going to a room somewhere else in the facility that had all kinds of fun crafty stuff to do.  At first, I thought it was dumb and boring.  I mean, I was an adult!  What in the world could designing plastic beads and melting them together do for me right now?!  Well, it seriously did wonders.  I relaxed.  I'm an artsy fartsy person anyway and love to be creative.  I'm not me if I can't create something without too much time passing.  I was able to visit with the other patients--"Hey what are you in here for."  It was that kinship I've talked about before.  Yes, it sounds like what people in jail would ask each other perhaps.  But talking to others with problems possibly like your own is a comforting feeling.

Believe it, or not DOING some kind of activity is healthy for our brains.  Grab some friends.  Okay, maybe you don't feel like grabbing anyone---I get that.  You're depressed possibly.  All the more reason to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP YOURSELF.  Don't read depressing books.  Don't watch depressing movies.  Don't wallow in personal deprecation.  You need to do positive stuff on a regular basis.  Schedule regular weekly or monthly activities with your friends or family to get you out of the house.  And you can't say, "No", when they come to call.  I know you want to say no a lot when folks try to get you out and about.  It's natural for depressed people to do that. 

What makes you relax?  Meditation of the Bible?  Take a long hot bubble bath with candles?  Whatever is your thing you enjoy---just do it!