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Friday, February 12, 2016

Christ, The Solid Rock

Whenever I would visit my grandparents, they always had a picture hanging in the guest bedroom of Jesus standing on a rock with a cross during a horrible storm--and people were trying to climb up the rock to be saved during the storm.  The picture scared me at the time because I did not understand its significance.  All I saw were people who looked terrified and trying to survive this terrible storm.

Well, when we are going through depression, it can feel like a horrible storm and like we are sinking.  It is a tough mindset to be in.  But our hope comes from the Lord--through Jesus.  He was and is the world's hope.  And hope can mean the world to us when we feel we are at the bottom of the barrel looking up, trying to look up.  For me, in the depths of my despair, I clung to hope and what it meant--the Bible talks a lot about hope.  It is a key ingredient to peace and trusting He is there in all times, all trials and tribulations.  For me, it meant hanging on-even though I may not be able to see around the corner--those wings are always there to life me up; to strengthen me.  

That hope is there for you---waiting for you to grab hold of it.  So, you grab it and do not let go.  There will always be hope in Christ Jesus.  If you trust your soul with him, then would you not trust everything else with him--you emotions, feelings, thoughts, depression?  You are never alone.  Though you sleep; he never sleeps.  He is waiting to grab your hand.